3 Ways To Customize Restaurant Uniform Shirts For Football Season

Posted on: 15 August 2022

If your restaurant workers wear T-shirts as part of their uniforms, then you have the chance to change up the designs and provide seasonal options throughout the year. As football season approaches, you can celebrate the season with custom shirts. Football seasons extend for multiple months and give your employees the chance to wear their custom uniforms for a long time.

If you plan to submit an order for custom screen printing, learn some of the ways to customize the shirts and apply a fun football theme.

1. Custom Jersey Numbers

Use screen printing services to add a jersey number design to the back of the shirt. You could order individual numbers for each employee or just a general number for all of the shirts. The number could reflect a specific theme in your restaurant. For example, you could choose a number that represents how many years the restaurant has been open. You could also use the restaurant's address number or the number of specials you offer. Brainstorm different ways to choose a number and then pick a block-style font that replicates jersey numbers.

2. Football Logo Backgrounds

Many restaurant T-shirts feature the name of the restaurant as a pocket logo. For the football season, you can enhance the logo with a background image. For example, you could use a football as the background and feature the restaurant logo on top of it. You could also use a blank football helmet graphic and add the restaurant logo in the center.

Use some designs as edges. A field goal post design could feature your restaurant name between the two goal posts. Play around with different themes to see which design stands out and works best with your restaurant name.

3. Custom Mascot Designs

While you cannot legally use any official NFL logos on your custom shirt designs, you could come up with your own mascot and fun fictional team. Come up with a fun name based on your restaurant. You could use an animal mascot that ties into a restaurant theme. You could use a food theme and design a logo that adds human features to a food.

Mix the custom mascot design with other designs like jersey numbers on the back of the shirt. The fun mascot idea could help promote your restaurant during the football season and become an annual tradition each time the new football season rolls around.

Order enough shirts so every one of your employees can wear and celebrate the unique designs throughout the whole football season. You could also sell extra shirt designs to customers and help pay off the costs of the shirts. 

Contact a local custom screen printing company to learn more.