Dog-Themed Gift Ideas

Posted on: 27 April 2022

If a friend or family member loves dogs, treat them to a present that celebrates their favorite animal. If they have a pet dog, you can even take the gift, such as a t-shirt, a step further by having it personalized. 

A dog-themed item makes a thoughtful gift for any special occasion or event, including birthdays, holidays such as Christmas or Valentine's Day, anniversaries, graduations, and bridal showers. Dog-inspired presents are versatile in that you can easily find one that fits into your gift-giving budget. 

If you choose to have the gift personalized with a picture of the celebrant's dog, or a special quote or name, you can send your information to an online printer and then have the gift sent directly to the recipient if you'd like. This will save you time and possibly even money if the retailer is offering a personalization special. 

As another idea, purchase the dog-themed gift through a non-profit organization that supports animals, or make a donation in the friend or loved one's name. This is especially thoughtful if the recipient is an animal rights supporter as well. 

Following are some additional dog-inspired present ideas to consider.

1. Graphic T-Shirt 

Surprise the animal lover with a t-shirt featuring either their favorite breed of dog or an actual picture of their own pet. As an alternative to a dog graphic, go for a shirt that features a whimsical message such as "just someone who loves dogs," dog mom or dad," or "life is better with a dog." 

If you have a choice, pick a t-shirt in the recipient's preferred color and style, such as either a V-neck or crew neck. You can round out the gift with a pair of dog-themed socks or a baseball cap.

2. Mug and Coffee Set 

For a friend that is passionate about both dogs and coffee, treat him to a gift basket that celebrates both. Start with a high-quality basket and fill it with a few different types of either ground or whole bean coffee, or coffee pods. 

Pick out a mug featuring a picture of the recipient's favorite type of dog, or have one printed with a picture of his pet, and place it in the basket as well. If they don't like coffee, you can substitute it with either gourmet hot chocolate packets or a box or two of gourmet tea instead. Include either chocolate- or honey-flavor stir sticks to complete the present. 

For more information on a dog-themed graphic t-shirt, contact a company near you.