• 4 Tips For Preserving A Wedding Dress

    For many people, wedding dress preservation allows them to hold onto one of the most important moments in their lives. You might wonder, though, how to deal with wedding gown preservation issues. Here are four things you can do to do to take better long-term care of a dress. Start Soon It's best to wait no more than three to six months to start the preservation process. If there are any stains on the dress, this gives you time to hire a professional to clean them. [Read More]

  • Ordering Custom Apparel for Your Business

    Ordering custom apparel can be a solution that allows you to provide products for your business and uniforms for your staff members. While some individuals will assume that ordering custom apparel is a difficult process, there are a few considerations and tips that can help you to keep this purchase simple and easy. Decide Whether You Want Embroidery or Screen Printing  Embroidery and screen printing are the two options for putting imagery and text on custom apparel that is the most commonly used, and the one that is best for your apparel will be heavily influenced by the type of imagery or the amount of text that you are wanting on it. [Read More]