Ordering Custom Apparel for Your Business

Posted on: 18 March 2021

Ordering custom apparel can be a solution that allows you to provide products for your business and uniforms for your staff members. While some individuals will assume that ordering custom apparel is a difficult process, there are a few considerations and tips that can help you to keep this purchase simple and easy.

Decide Whether You Want Embroidery or Screen Printing 

Embroidery and screen printing are the two options for putting imagery and text on custom apparel that is the most commonly used, and the one that is best for your apparel will be heavily influenced by the type of imagery or the amount of text that you are wanting on it. For those that are just wanting simple text, such as a company name, on the apparel, embroidery can be an option that will provide durable results that are suitable for work attire.

However, the types of imagery that can be used with embroidery are limited and it can be slightly more costly than screen printing. In contrast, screen printing can be an excellent option for those that are needing to print high-quality or complex images on the attire. Typically, screen printing is a durable solution, but it will be less durable than embroidery.

Consider the Benefits of Ordering on-Demand or Buying in Bulk

The next important decision that you will have for your custom apparel is deciding between ordering the apparel items on-demand or in bulk. For online retailers, on-demand ordering and fulfillment can be an efficient option that will allow the business to carry a diverse collection of apparel items without the need to spend the money to store these apparel items for the long-term. For businesses that are looking to use custom apparel makers to provide their workers with uniforms, ordering in bulk can help to ensure the enterprise always has replacement uniforms on hand for new hires and existing workers.

Have Multiple People Review the Design Before Ordering

Whenever you are creating a design for your custom apparel, it is important to make sure that the design that you send to the custom apparel service is free of errors that could potentially ruin the garments for your purposes. Having multiple individuals review the design for your custom apparel can help to protect you against this risk; you can catch typos, printing issues, plagiarism issues, or potentially offensive content before the design is finalized and sent to the apparel service.