4 Tips For Preserving A Wedding Dress

Posted on: 17 June 2021

For many people, wedding dress preservation allows them to hold onto one of the most important moments in their lives. You might wonder, though, how to deal with wedding gown preservation issues. Here are four things you can do to do to take better long-term care of a dress.

Start Soon

It's best to wait no more than three to six months to start the preservation process. If there are any stains on the dress, this gives you time to hire a professional to clean them. Do not send the dress to a regular cleaner unless they are insured and can confirm they know what they're doing with wedding gowns. This goes double if the dress includes extremely delicate materials.

Acquire a High-Quality Garment Bag

Measure the dress to ensure you'll have a bag that's appropriate for the dimensions of the dress. You want to have more bag than you need because any dress that's hanging out will be exposed, and that will lead to uneven discoloration processes.

Muslin bags are among the most common ones on the market. However, you need to verify that the muslin material is 100% cotton and unbleached. Otherwise, mixed materials and bleaches could affect the condition of the dress, especially after decades of storage.

If you'd prefer to use an artificial material, non-woven polypropylene materials work best. Non-woven PP is often ideal if you're concerned about friction between the garment bag and the dress. This sometimes occurs if there are delicate features attached to the dress.

Find a Safe Storage Space

Coolness, darkness, and dryness are your friends when it comes to wedding gown preservation efforts. It's also a good idea to use a space that is unlikely to allow the ingress of insects or mice that could damage the garment bag and attack the dress.

Avoid rooms with windows, too. If you only have a space with a window for storage, cover the window and keep the dress as far from it as possible.

Avoid Hanging

If at all possible, try to now leave the dress hanging. Hanging the dress will cause the materials to stretch, and it can badly affect the neckline. Find a place where you can lay the dress in its garment bag out as flat as possible. Don't place items on top of it. Also, clearly label the bag so someone doesn't accidentally put items there.

Contact a wedding dress preservation service to learn more.