5 Types Of Hoodies For Your Rasta-Inspired Look

Posted on: 2 December 2019

The Rastafarian movement may have begun in Jamaica, but it has since inspired numerous people to live more peacefully and in a way that's in-tune with their inner nature. One of the best things about Rasta is that since there is no central authority that controls the religion and philosophy, you are free to take from it the elements you enjoy and leave behind those that you don't. One way that many modern followers of Rastafari are expressing their beliefs and passion is by dressing in clothing that illustrates the movement. Hoodies, especially, are popular because they are comfortable and laidback, which is in line with the tenets of the movement.

If you love Rasta and are looking for a hoodie that expresses your passion, here are a few styles to look for.

The Flag of Ethiopia

The flag of Ethiopia features a green, yellow, and red stripe with a lion on its front. This flag is often associated with the Rasta movement. They often remove the lion from the front of it, and sometimes they add a black stripe to the bottom of the flag.

There are definitely hoodies available that are colored like the Ethiopian flag. The top near the shoulders is green, the middle is yellow, and the bottom is red. (There may be a black stripe underneath it along the bottom of the hoodie.) This hoodie has a simple look, but the bright colors do call some attention to it.


Tie-dye has always been apart of the Rasta movement. It represents a sort of psychedelic feeling, which was really popular in the 1970s when Rastafarianism started spreading outside of Jamaica. If you want a tie-dye hoodie that really looks the Rasta part, look for a really brightly colored one with an obvious swirl pattern. You might even find one in the red, yellow, and green colors of the Ethiopian flag.

Marijuana Plants

Although marijuana legalization is a hot topic right now in the U.S., the plant has long been popular in Jamaica, and smoking it is an important element of the Rastafarian religion. So wearing a hoodie that depicts a marijuana plant on the front or the back is a good way to represent Rasta. There are some hoodies that show a large, majestic cannabis plant, perhaps with some flashes of light or swirls around it. You can also find hoodies that show several plants or a whole field of them growing.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley became widely known for his reggae music and dreadlocks, which are central to the Rasta movement. He was born in Jamaica and released numerous albums in the 1960s and 1970s. As such, any hoodie that has a picture of Bob Marley or is printed with some of his song lyrics is a good choice for someone following Rasta. You may find, for example, a hoodie that says "Don't be afraid of the wolfpack" which is a line from the song "On Reggae & Rasta" by Bob Marley. 


So many people who follow Rasta have dreadlocked hair. Not only is this look easy to achieve with Jamaican hair, but it also gives off a vibe of laidback relaxation, minimalism, and simplicity. If you find a hoodie that shows someone with dreads, or even a phrase about dreads, this is a good one to wear if you're wanting to represent Rastafarianism. 

Whether you're fully immersed in Rastafarianism or just like a few of the religion's tenets, wearing hoodies that represent your passion is a good choice. Look for one or more of the hoodies above, and transform your style.

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