Considerations for Choosing Between Flat or Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Posted on: 10 October 2018

Many people prefer leather dog collars because they're durable, natural, and stylish. Leather often comes with less potential irritation for your dog than other materials. However, when choosing a leather collar for your dog, you'll usually have to decide between a flat collar or a rolled one. Here is what you need to know about the two dog collar styles.

Considerations for Flat or Buckle Leather Dog Collars

Flat or buckle leather dog collars are the most common type of leather collars out there. These collars have a flat appearance like a belt strap.

The buckle has the same prong and pinhole style as a traditional belt buckle, which is why they're also known as buckle collars. This traditional buckle type makes adjustments easy, but you can find quick-release buckles on leather collars as well.

These collars can work well for puppies since the ability to adjust them means you can keep using the collar as your puppy grows. Flat leather dog collars also work well for dogs with shorter hair since the top and bottom edges of a flat collar can break or part the fur around a dog's neck if it's longhaired breed.

Considerations for Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Rolled collars have rounded shapes with stitching to close them on one end. These collars have a smaller profile than flat collars and tend to weigh less. Despite that, the round shape is what gives these collars comparable strength to their larger, flatter counterparts.

These collars work best for longer haired dogs. The rounded shape will prevent hair loss, flat spots, or anything untoward happening to the fur on your dog's neck. You may also want to consider a rolled leather collar if you have a dog breed with rolls or wrinkles, even if your puppy hasn't developed them yet. Rolled leather also offers more protection against irritation if you have a dog with sensitive skin.

One potential issue with a rolled leather collar is that it can dig hard into your dog's neck if you have an overly exuberant leash puller.

Considerations for Leather Dog Collars in General

Whether flat or rolled, a leather dog collar offers comfort and can last your dog's lifetime if you take care of the collar. In addition, different types of leather and collar configurations can benefit your specific breed more than others.

Know that not all leather is the same. So, do a little extra research before making a purchase. Tan fine leather dog collars come from reputable sellers, so make sure you shop with professional services.