2 Wedding-Related Tasks You Should Take Care Of Months In Advance

Posted on: 17 April 2018

There may be a few more months until the day you'll get to marry your best friend. Although it probably feels like you still have a lot of time to prepare, those few months are going to pass by rather quickly, so you'll want to make sure you're handling certain things now rather than later. Some wedding-related tasks should get handled a few months in advance to eliminate some of the stress involved with planning while allowing you to get things done earlier on.

Get Your Alterations Done

Whether you've ordered your wedding dress online or from a local boutique, it's a good time to try it on and have alterations made. If you want the dress to fit like a glove on your special day, you may need to have a few different adjustments made. These are some of the common alterations that are needed before a wedding:

  • Slimming the sleeves
  • Adjusting straps
  • Inserting supportive bra cups
  • Taking it down an extra size

Although these are common alterations needed for wedding dresses, you may need to have several other alterations made to ensure it fits good, feels good, and looks amazing on you.

Make Final Decisions on the Menu

You've probably already decided on the catering company you're going to hire for your reception. If you've done research on different catering companies, you may have selected a specific one based on the variety of food they can serve and the positive reviews they have. Now that it's getting closer to your special day, you'll need to decide on the exact menu you'd like to have served during your reception.

While it's important to have different types of food you like served, you should think about those who are going to attend the reception. If you're trying to keep it simple, you could provide two or three choices for your guests to choose from, such as a meat dish, fish dish, and a pasta dish. When you're offering a variety, it's easier to satisfy your wedding reception guests because they'll have a choice rather than getting stuck eating something they don't like.

With just a few months left before you get married, it's important to have your dress altered to fit perfectly and decide on the different meals you'd like the catering company to serve during your reception. These are wedding-related tasks that should be handled a few months in advance so that you're not stuck stressing out over the way your dress fits or stressing over the food for the reception.