Four Important Features Of Cloth Diaper Training Pants

Posted on: 15 December 2017

There are many features of cloth diaper training pants that are pretty obviously needed, such as absorbent and waterproof. However, there are other smaller features that you might not think about that can definitely make the cloth diaper training pants more practical and less messy. Here are four of those features:

  1. Pocket Opening: Many people don't think about this, but having a pocket opening in the cloth diapers can definitely be helpful, especially if you have a heavy wetter or you plan on having your child sleep in them through the night. The pocket opening allows you to add more absorbency so that leaks are less likely to occur, essential at night so that your child is comfortable through the night. 
  2. Side Snaps: Not all cloth diapers have this, but side snaps are great for preventing problems with bigger messes. If your child poops in the diaper rather than just wets it, the side snaps allow you to open the diaper rather than having to pull it down. This only leads to extra effort in trying to keep it clean. Side snaps are also better than other openings because it still makes the diaper appear more like training pants rather than a simple diaper. This way, your child is still easily able to treat it like underwear.
  3. Thin But Absorbant: In order for your child to treat the cloth diaper training pants like underwear, it should also feel like underwear, which means it should be thinner than regular cloth diapers. Of course, it should also still be absorbent so it might require a bit of testing to find the right brand that does this. This also makes it easier for your child's clothes to fit on top of it. 
  4. Cotton Interior: While you want the training diaper to be absorbent and waterproof, you still want to ensure that your child can feel the consequences of wetting themselves. This is why having a cotton interior is best since cotton gets wet and doesn't absorb, but the rest of the cloth diaper will absorb it before it leaks. This way, your child knows immediately when they have had an accident and will hopefully begin to understand why it's important to use the potty so that they don't have to deal with the discomfort of this. 

When you take note of these features, you can be sure that you choose cloth diaper training pants that are better for you and your child. Check out different brands, like Chunkabuns, to find the ones you like best.