Why Nautical Baby Boy Clothes Are As Cute And As Fashionable As Ever

Posted on: 25 October 2017

Remember when you were really little and your mom dressed you in sailor suits and nautical clothes? Whatever the decade you were born into, there was always a variation on these sailor-like outfits. Here in the dawn of the space age, nautical baby boy outfits are still something everyone wants to put on their baby boys. Why is that? Here are some of the big reasons why nautical baby boy clothes and young children are as cute and as fashionable as ever.

These Clothes Are Timeless

The whole "sailor-boy" look has been extremely popular since the first two world wars. Older children, particularly girls, were the first to wear the sailor look. The clothing concept was taken from the uniforms navy soldiers wore, something that made all the ladies swoon. When you combine the sailor-boy look with adorable babies, women melt on the spot. Because the look also honors the personnel in the navy, it makes these clothes timeless.

They Go Well with Any Complexion

Whether you choose white or navy sailor suits, or you go with a modern twist on the nautical theme by dressing your boy in polo shirts, khaki pants, etc., the clothes go well with any skin complexion. That, in turn, makes your child's individual attractiveness stand out. Cool light skin tones are not washed out, meaning that Caucasian babies do not look sickly. Darker skin with a reddish or yellowish tone harmonize well with white and navy, making Native American and Asian American babies look adorable. The white sailor suits look sharp against African American skin, while the modern nautical look appears very smart on every skin tone and color.

Wide Collars and Polo Necks Draw Attention to Baby's Face

Most little babies and little children have very round faces. When you add polo or square sailor collars close to their faces, it adds a certain sense of balance and symmetry that makes your baby's or young child's face look even more attractive (if that were even possible!). This visual dressing technique works well for adults and older children too, but not many older children and adults can pull off a sailor suit look without a second glance from passers-by. Modern nautical wear, which includes polo shirts, can be worn by everyone.

The Colors and Styles Are Simple

There is nothing complex about the color schemes with nautical/sailor clothes. White and several shades of blue are quite common. Other nautically-themed clothes include colors associated with being on a boat and communing with the sea and open air. If you are the type of person that just really wants to get back to basics, you can understand the appeal of clothes that do just that. Basic colors, few to no patterns, and crisp, clean lines that create simple but effectively fashionable dressing are at the heart of this style of dress.

Easy to Dress Your Baby or Small Child

Sailor and nautical clothes for your baby also make it very easy to dress your baby or small child. Shorts or long pants are always pull-ons and virtually never involve zippers or buttons. All the shirts are over-the-head items, which goes much quicker than pulling the shirt on via the arm holes and then buttoning up the front (which many small children cannot do anyway).

Photos That Rival the Cuteness of Your Own 

Finally, your boy(s) should have his (their) own shots of nautical/sailor days to compare to your own. Sometimes generations of family members do this with the intent of creating memorable childhood photos. The photos become treasured family heirlooms that you will cherish when you get older.