Getting Hunting Attire For Your First Hunting Excursion

Posted on: 8 September 2017

If you are new to hunting and you have made plans to go out with some friends who are going to give you a lesson on hunting and hunting safety, then they may have suggested for you to come prepared for the event by making sure that you have the proper clothing to wear.

You want to wear clothing that is not restrictive and that lets you move around quickly and quietly. You also want clothing that helps you to blend in with the environment around you, which will more than likely include plenty of forest. The clothing should also be well-made and thick so it will protect you from getting scratched and cut on harsh brush you may be walking through at some points.

Army camouflage clothing is generally the chosen attire for a lot of hunters. You can buy this clothing at an army surplus store like Bargain Center for discounted prices. Here are some of the things you may need:

Camouflage Army pants

Camouflage army pants are great for hunting. They have the camouflage design that makes it harder for the animals you are hunting to spot you in the brush. They also have a lot of pockets for you to put things you will need to bring with you, such as knives, rope, a flashlight, a compass, your phone, a canteen full of water and anything else you feel is important to have right on you.

Camouflage Shirt

You are also going to want to wear a camouflage shirt that matches the pants to also help you to be hidden from the animal's sights when you are out there hunting them.

Camouflage vest

A camouflage vest is an added accessory that you may want to have with you as well. The vest will offer you more pockets to put things, such as your duck call, fishing lures or anything else.

Camouflage jacket

If it is going to be cold where you are, especially if you will be camping for the night, then you want to have a jacket with you that goes with the rest of your camouflage. Again, the jacket will also offer you plenty more pockets so you can carry things with you.

High-quality flashlight

You also want to make sure you have a very powerful flashlight so you can get yourself around after the sun goes down. You can buy a good flashlight at the Army surplus store while you are getting everything else you need.