How To Care For Your Custom Silk Tie

Posted on: 9 August 2017

If you have a special event, such as a wedding, holiday soiree, corporate party or an important business meeting to attend, an easy way to dress up any outfit is with a high-quality, custom silk tie. Although a silk tie will add instant pizzazz to your wardrobe, it doesn't have to break your clothing budget. You can find attractive silk ties at a variety of price points.

Silk ties are very versatile in that you can wear them with several different looks, such as a traditional 3-piece suit or nice denim jeans and white button-down shirt ensemble. Choose either a classic black or silver tie, or pick one in a vibrant hue, such as red, turquoise or yellow, to give a neutral outfit a pop of color. 

When you want to personalize your ensemble even further, go with a customized silk tie featuring everything from golf clubs to baseball bats to reflect your passions and hobbies. Other custom tie designs include whimsical tropical fish, initials, and even quotes such as "#1 Dad." You can even have silk ties printed with your favorite family photos. 

Although silk ties are easy to care for, there are a few things you'll need to do to keep them looking their best: 

1. Rotate Them

If you love a certain silk tie so much that you want to wear it daily, resist the urge. Too much wear can make your tie look old and worn quickly, so it's best to have at least three different ones to choose from. If you wear sport coat often, try to buy at least two custom silk ties to go with each one. 

2. Hang Them

Rather just throwing your tie in a drawer after a long day, drape it neatly over a hanger and hang it in the closet. Folding silk ties can cause unsightly wrinkles and creases to form in the delicate fabric. 

When packing for a trip, carefully roll your ties and place them into your suitcase's zippered compartment so that they stay neat. 

3. Remove Stains From Them Promptly 

As soon as you notice a food or other type of stain on your silk tie, try to remove it. Dampen a clean, soft cloth with a bit of seltzer water or a spot remover recommended for use on silk, and dab it onto the stain until the mark is gone.

For stubborn stains, take the ties to a dry cleaner. Avoid putting your ties into a washer and dryer, as they can damage the fine silk material. 

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