Buying Women's Clothing Online: 3 Shopping Tips To Finding The Perfect Fit

Posted on: 6 June 2017

Online shopping has made getting your hands on the perfect outfit simple and easy. Women far surpass men when it comes to online shopping, making up approximately 66.5% of online shoppers. While shopping online gives you access to many designs and styles that you otherwise wouldn't find in stores, it does come with the disadvantage of not being able to try the clothes on immediately. This prevents you from getting a good idea whether the outfits will fit like a glove until they arrive in a package on your doorstep. To avoid having to return any online orders and to ensure a good fit, take a look at these 3 tips.

Compare Your Measurements with the Size Guide

Although you can't try out the clothes before you buy them, you can definitely get some idea as to how well the clothing will fit by comparing your measurements with the size guide provided. Focus on your bust size, waist size, hip size and even height. Use a flexible measuring tape to get the most accurate measurements possible. If you are trying to get your full hip measurement, make sure you hold something vertically from your stomach to your hip in order stomach protuberance into account.

Look Online for Pictures with Models with a Similar Body Shape and Size

Most shoppers are attracted to a piece of clothing based on how it looks on a model. Keep in mind that the clothing will probably look more attractive on the models than on you. If you're looking to see whether a piece of clothing will look good on you or not, try to find a photograph of the clothing being modeled on a model with a similar body shape and size to you. For example, if you have a larger bust, you want to find a photograph of the clothing being worn on a woman with a larger bust. This will tell you whether the fabric will flow down to your stomach region and make you look larger or whether it will curve and fit like a glove to your body.

Check Reviews for Not Only Quality of Fabric but Whether Clothing Fits Large or Small

Before placing an order with a company, check online to see whether any previous customers have written reviews on the company. To determine whether the clothing will fit like a glove, check the reviews to see whether they mention the quality of the fabric. Thicker fabric will tend to look better than thinner fabric. In addition, see whether any reviews mention whether the clothing tend to fit small or large. This can help you make a better decision on which size to order.


It's easy to find a women's boutique online nowadays. You'll be able to easily find designs and styles that you otherwise wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. Finding an outfit for any occasion has become a piece of cake.