Three Tips To Ensure You Select Safe Riding Attire

Posted on: 22 May 2017

Horse riding is an incredible sport. However, it can push you and your horse to your limits which could lead to an accident. Carefully selecting your horse riding clothing will ensure you have a safer, more comfortable ride.

Always Wear a Helmet

Protecting your head in the event of a fall or other accident is incredibly important. While some disciplines don't allow for a helmet; you should wear a helmet during horse riding so long as the rules allow. It's considered best to purchase a new helmet, as used helmets could have defects that make them a safety issue. Select a helmet that has been rated to meet safety standards. These helmets will have a label on them dictating what requirements they meet.

If possible, you should always use a helmet with a strap. Not all facets of horse riding allow for the use of a strap, so if yours doesn't it pays to have your helmet professionally fitted. This minimizes the risk that your helmet could fall off during a tumble.

Use a Safety Vest

Safety vests are another piece of horse riding attire that isn't always required. However, it's always good idea to wear one. Your safety vest can be both fashionable and safe. Safety vests are designed to protect your organs in the event of a fall, and some vests are rated to take glancing blows from hooves. Select a vest that is tagged as meeting safety regulations. Each vest meeting these safety regulations should have a tag on it stating the amount of impact it can absorb.

Your Clothing Matters

What you wear under your safety equipment is just as important as the safety equipment itself. For English riding selecting full seat breeches offers better grip on your saddle. The suede provides extra friction to keep you in place. It is also worth mentioning, any of the clothing you select for English riding should preferably have covered zippers. Using clothing with covered zippers prevents the clothing catching on things while you ride.

If your discipline allows for body protectors, wear them. Body protectors are normally used to protect your knees in jumping disciplines and help to absorb the shock to your knees in the event of a fall.

For general purpose riding always select clothes that cover your arms and legs. If you were to take a tumble the extra clothing will protect you from some scrapes. Any clothing you select should be comfortable to wear but stay close to your body. Any clothing that hangs away from your body could prove dangerous if it gets caught on something. Check places like Kastel Denmark for your clothing needs.