Women's Wardrobe Choices: The Fastest Way To Get Dressed Today

Posted on: 10 May 2017

Busy moms have little time to take care of themselves and look their best. It is a never-ending exhausting ride from pre-dawn to midnight. When you get up in the morning, you probably do not even want to get dressed. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you probably do not bother to get dressed either, unless you have to drive the kids to school yourself. For the most part, you grab whatever is clean out of the closet or off the floor, and you are dressed. No fashion sense included, right? Well, now you do not have to give up fashion or  getting dressed quickly in comfortable "mom" clothing.

Toss the Housecoat, Buy Women's Maxi Dresses

Moms of the fifties, sixties and seventies wandered around in their housecoats. These odd pieces of clothing were not quite a dress, not quite a robe and not quite pajamas either. They were essentially something you threw on, buttoned, snapped or zipped up the front, and wore half the day. If you still have a housecoat or two in your wardrobe, chuck them. Go buy women's maxi dresses instead.

These dresses are far more fashionable than housecoats ever were, plus they pull on just as quickly. You do not need socks because no one will see your feet with the maxi hem lines. The sun dress styles with their triangle tops do not require a bra either. Get out of bed, grab your maxi dress, and you are dressed, fashionably well, in under sixty seconds.

Designer Spandex

This is a hot new trend. Big names in fashion are putting out workout spandex that doubles as daily clothing. Lots of colors and styles in shorts, knee-length bike pants, sports bras and tanks, etc., can fill out your closet as something quick and easy to throw on. Best of all, when the public sees you in this, they will think that you just came from the gym or you are just going to the gym and they will admire your dedication, even though you weren't working out.

Tanks with Built-in Bras

Oh, those bras! Women spend more time putting on this one piece of clothing every day than they do changing underwear and pulling on pants. Most women would prefer to skip the bra, but for the bustier ladies, this is not an option. When you still want to get dressed quickly in the morning but the bra is an issue, pull on a tank top with a built-in bra and go. No fussing with straps or hooks--the built-in bra in the tank has got you covered (literally). For more information, visit a business such as Nadya's Closet