Say Goodbye to Bachelorhood with Tips for Your Bachelor Party or Bash

Posted on: 21 April 2017

If you are planning or hosting a bachelor party for a friend that is soon-to-be married, make sure that you send him off in style. Plan a party that has all the bells-and-whistles that will make him feel as though you put thought and effort into the affair.

Some suggestions for a successful send-off for your bachelor include:

Party favors. Give your guests something to remember the affair with—you could buy funny beer hats and humorous drinking tee-shirts. These are a clever way to commemorate the event and provide a conversation item when going to a bar or hitting the club. Prepare swag-bags ahead of time for the guests (and guest-of-honor, too!) with these goodies, as many celebrants will want to wear them for the bash.

Spring for a ride and keep celebrants safe. Plan-ahead and spring for a ride to ensure none of your guests are drinking and driving. This also helps guests get to the party venue without any difficulty or hassle; have the limo, cab, or car company drop each guest at a pre-determined spot when the festivities are over.

Destination parties. Consider a destination bachelor-party to keep costs in-check, as many venues and packages may be all-inclusive. This can also help to avoid conflict before the big-day that often occurs when bachelor parties held close-to-home get out-of-hand!

Have someone stay sober. Make sure to have someone stay sober to keep the group together and on schedule with any events or activities that might be planned. Even if you hire a driver, make sure that someone has their wits about them in the event there is an issue or problem when the group is out and about.

Go all-out with the food. Don't skimp on the food; go all with the finest fare and a wide selection for the guests to choose from. Especially if the group plans to drink, food is a very important aspect of any successful event; talk to caterers about setting up a spread or make reservations at a restaurant that offers a private dining or party space. Skip the pizza and burgers; spare no expense when it comes to nourishing your group of hungry revelers!

Make sure that you put some thought in your friend's bachelor party, from the funny favors to the fine fare. Use these suggestions to ensure a night to remember, that will be cherished and appreciated by your guest-of-honor.