Make An Old Fur Coat New Again By Dyeing It

Posted on: 3 March 2016

When you think of fur coats, you probably imagine shades of brown, black, and light tan hues. But colored fur is becoming a popular fashion statement, and many designers are even selling wildly colored versions of their famous fur coats and jackets. If you happen to have a vintage fur coat and you want to make something old new again, dyeing it can add a whole new dimension and look to the coat.

The Fur Dyeing Process

Dyeing fur is not a simple process, and in some cases, your coat could get damaged due to the pelt's natural sensitivity to chemicals and dyes. A professional furrier can usually assist you with the color change, and they know how to add coloration to fur garments. If you decide to attempt to dye the fur at home, think of it like you would your own hair. Use a soft bristle paint brush to apply the dye to the fur part of the garment, and cover it thoroughly. Avoid getting the dye onto the lining or pelt as much as you can, and let the dye sit for several hours. Then, using warm water, you can gently rub the dye out with hot wash cloth. Keep in mind that fur coats should never go into the washing machine and should always be cleaned by hand.

Choosing A Color

When you pick out the dye you decide to use, only use dyes that are specifically made for fur, also known as "textile dyes." Since dark colors can only go darker, you'll need to consider what color you plan to dye your fur coat ahead of time. A black fur coat might be able to take purple dye, but it will need to be a much darker shade. Light brown and tan furs are able to handle a wider color selection. Try out a cool red for your lightly colored coat, or even a nice dark navy blue. Pastels and bright colors might not take to the fur and you'll end up with a strange shade or a lot of work for not much of a color change. Pick a color that will go with most of your wardrobe so you know the coat will be a piece you'll wear frequently and enjoy. Once your vintage fur has taken on a new hue, it will feel like you've added a completely new and exciting piece of clothing to your repertoire. 

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