Eyes On The Prize: 4 Winning Eyewear Fashion Trends

Posted on: 14 October 2015

You can thank a big-mouthed monk in the 13th century for blabbing about the first set of eyeglasses. The amazing eyewear was his tight-lipped buddy's invention, but the monk wanted everyone in Florence to know about it. Within 100 years, there were eyeglass makers all over Italy.

Today, those old glasses are worth a fortune, but you can go modern or old school when it comes to selecting a brand new set of glasses. Here are 4 of the upcoming trends to check out:

1. Buddy Holly horn rims.

Old school horn rims continue to be a popular choice, but eyeglass designers are experimenting with more daring colours and even adding splashes of flashy trim. Buddy Holly-style frames go with everything, and they truly do open up the face and the eyes to the world. The horn-rimmed material comes in round shapes, too, with bold circular frames in gold, orange, and burgundy.

2. Wooden eyeglass frames.

The concept may sound strange, but the look is unmistakably fun and stylish. These glasses evoke old wood-sided speedboats and station wagons. They hint that the wearer is open to adventure, and they will most definitely look stylish while adventuring. Not only will this eyewear make heads turn, it's also eco-friendly, since the glasses are made from materials like bamboo, pear tree wood, and even skateboards that have been recycled.

3. Brands and characters for kids.

When it's time for the kiddies to get new eyewear, the older kids want the brand names. Specific brands are popular with the skate crowd, the geek crowd, or the artsy crowd. Your teen will definitely let you know what's cool and what's not at their school. The elementary school set likes understated wire rims or frames that are decorated with their favorite cartoon characters. Some of the new kids' frames are super durable, too, keeping students safe while making kid-sized fashion statements out on the playground.

4. Eyeglass holders and chains.

Eyeglass holders for the desktop--and eyewear chains in a variety of materials--are definitely in style. There are chain designs for sporty guys and gals, professionals, and the flashier sorts of eyeglass wearers. These chains make it easy to have your reading glasses right where you need them, and allow you to stylishly carry your eyewear with you wherever you go. Eyeglass holders are made in every style from fur-lined cups to replicas of ancient sculptures. There are holders that have alarm clocks and keychain cups, and child-sized eyewear holders with cute animal faces to encourage youngsters to safely store their glasses at bedtime.

Glasses are sometimes a necessity and sometimes merely a fashion statement. With the many styles to choose from at companies like Sol Optix, there's no reason why your eyewear and accessories can't be both.