Buying Shoes Online: What To Look Out For

Posted on: 4 August 2015

Buying shoes online can be an enjoyable experience. You can get great deals and have an awesome selection of different brands and styles at your disposal. To get the most out of your experience, learn what to look out for when buying shoes from on an online store where you can't try them on first.  

Shoe sizes

Some brands of shoes may fit differently than others. This is especially true if you are buying shoes from an online store from another company. Many online retailers will have a note in the description to buy shoes half a size larger than you normally would to avoid buying sizes that are too small. Use a conversion chart when buying shoes and read descriptions fully prior to making a purchase.

Exchange and return policy

You want to make sure that any purchase you make can be returned or exchanged without issue. You may buy a pair of shoes that wear out within a day of wearing, or buy footwear that doesn't fit correctly. In case this happens, make sure you only buy from online retailers that stand behind their products and allow their customers to make an exchange or return their purchase without added fees. You can find out about exchange and return policies via a company's website under their terms and conditions or as its own separate link.

Customer feedback

One of the best ways to shop online and know you are shopping with a great retailer for shoes is to read customer feedback on a company. Most online businesses will post customer testimonials right on their site. Read several testimonials, looking for comments on shipping, cost, and customer service, before choosing to buy shoes from any online retailer.

Customer service

Finally, customer service is key to having a great online shopping experience. Even before you make your purchase, you can test a company's customer service by contacting them. Call the number on a website or email their support team to ask questions about shoe sizes, material, or shipping and handling policies. The more swift, friendly, and knowledgeable staff is, the more likely you will be able to have a pleasant shopping experience with them.  

Buying shoes online (from an outlet such as Mukluks Arches Shoe Store) is a great way to have access to different types of shoes. If you do want to shop online for your footwear, make sure you buy the correct size and only shop with stores who will be willing to work with you after your purchase has been made. Your shopping adventure will be much more successful this way.